WGA Strike Ends!

After three months, the WGA members overwhelmingly voted to end their strike and return to work. Hopefully those powers that be can salvage the remnants of the season so we can have some new episodes of 30 Rock, The Office, Family Guy and American Dad. Among all the other shows you all know and love too. It’s also nice to know that these crew members and production staff people who were laid off as a result of the strike will once again be employed. Also, they can get back to work on quality movies so we’re not stuck with complete dreck in the fall.

And the Oscars shall go on and it shall be a glorious night. I saw No Country for Old Men, the contender for Best Picture. I am so incredibly fascinated by Anton Chigurh and his portrayal by virtual Oscar-lock Javier Bardem. Such an interesting and subtle film, beautifully directed and written, with generally superb performances all around. The book by Cormac McCarthy goes more in depth in terms of the characterization of the Sheriff, but as an adaptation, it is incredibly faithful. More movies to see in the next couple of weeks. Plus, some more Oscar thoughts.