Raves for Sunday in the Park

The revival of Sunday in the Park With George officially opened last night to superlative rave reviews from the critics; a far cry from the divisive reactions the original production received in 1984. This time around it seemed as though the critical consensus was more accepting of the second act (which was the problem for many the first time around) and that this particular production allows the show to have heart. Kudos are being given to stars Daniel Evans and Jenna Russell, imperative supporting player Mary Beth Peil, director Sam Buntrock and the scenography by David Farley, Ken Billington and Tim Bird. All names that will be remembered come Tony nomination time.

Ben Brantley ended his review with the following paragraph, which may be the most incredible thing he’s ever written:

“That the second act ends as the first does, in a ravishing epiphany of artistic harmony, now feels more than ever like a loving benediction, bestowed by the show’s creators on its audiences. Every member of those audiences, whether consciously or not, is struggling for such harmony in dealing with the mess of daily reality. How generous of this production — and it is the generosity of all great art — that it allows you, for a breathless few moments, to achieve that exquisite, elusive balance.”

Yes folks, that about sums up the breathtaking experience this revival provides.