Attack of the Theatre People

Bloggers, if you haven’t read it, this is the novel that celebrates you:

How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theatre

Marc Acito took his own experiences as a theatre student and came up with this amusing caper about Ed Zanni, the sexually confused star of his high school drama club and his misadventures (and criminal acts) with his motley crew of theatre geeks in achieving his dream of going to Juilliard. It’s an amusing quick read with a lot of references for the obscure and lots of laugh out loud moments (particularly anything involving the deviant Nathan, who is my hero – and catalyst for all the scheming). (I do admit, I take some reservations with the author’s style sometimes, but there’s a lot to be appreciated. Hell, even Marian Seldes shows up!)

Well anyway, there’s a sequel being published soon called, appropriately Attack of the Theatre People. It follows Ed through his Juilliard days and into the real world. His gang shows up. Nathan plots (the true hero). More hijinks ensue.