"Bricktop – Queen of the Night"

As per IMDb:

Star Wars creator George Lucas is planning to lend his directorial talents to a Broadway musical with the help of comedienne Whoopi Goldberg, according to reports.

Goldberg, who has made a number of appearances on the New York stage, is talking to Lucas‘ motion picture and visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic about a collaboration on musical Bricktop – Queen of the Night, reports the New York Daily News.

The musical centres around a fabled Parisian cabaret owner Ada ‘Bricktop’ Smith.

A source tells the newspaper, “They’re talking about playing with Cubist images and jazz from the (1920’s),” adding that Lucas “could do things Broadway has never seen before.”

Does anyone remember the last time an iconic film director with little to no stage experience helmed a stage musical…? Hmm… I’m seem to recall reading about Martin Scorsese being a fish out of water for The Act. Any others…?