Theatre Bloggers of the World Unite!

Well, this is some fun news! Broadway producer and theatre-blog enthusiast Ken Davenport has arranged for the First Theatre Bloggers Social. The event is taking place on April 23rd from 6-8PM at Planet Hollywood in Times Square. Mr. Davenport is enticing us with free food, a talk given by a blogging consultant and here’s the real coup de maitre: free tickets to shows that evening (and if that includes Blithe Spirit, I will be a lion pouncing on a gazelle). And for those out-of-town bloggers, be sure to RSVP as well because they are working on ways to include everyone. Hopefully my fellow bloggers who brunch can make it!

The criteria to participate:

-Have a blog devoted primarily to theater
-Post regularly
-Be an independent blogger (not sponsored/paid to blog by any organization)