Screen to Stage?

Talk Film offers “a few pitches for slightly less mainstream movies that really need to be musical-ified…” in response to the impending Spiderman, The Addams Family and American Psycho (really…?) While the article may be tongue in cheek, you just never know who might pick up on it. Can you imagine a singing and dancing Predator?

However, in response to their selection of Army of Darkness, there was already the Evil Dead musical (though truth be told, Army of Darkness is a lot more fun to watch). Though wouldn’t it be amusing to see Bruce Campbell try a musical? I’d bet he’d be up for it; he could get some pointers from his childhood friend Doug Sills (yes, I’ve read If Chins Could Kill).

Perhaps a bit too late to consider it just a trend as it continues to dominate the theatre scene. This year alone, two of the four best musical nominees are screen to stage adaptations, one is an interpolated jukebox show and the last man standing is a wholly original musical. At least The Addams Family is doing something different.