Quote of the Day: Tony Party Edition

It’s rather late to put these out here, but here are some of the choicest quotes from the Lady Iris’ Annual Moon Lady Extravaganza, (SarahB’s annual Tony party, which is more fun than being in attendance as far as I’m concerned). These were all part of my live-twittering during the summer. There were a lot of other amazing things said, but you’ll have to ask the others to remember those…

“If he plays Unskinny Bop’ I’ll come unglued.” – Sarah, on seeing Brett Michaels in the Tony opening number

“Oh that’s me! And we’re both wearing sparkles!” – Sarah, on seeing her party namesake on the telecast (we were each assigned a Broadway favorite and had to drink upon seeing him or her, or in Kari’s case, them)

“I saw Lauren Graham in the ladies room!” – Christine
“I peed next to her!!!” – Roxie

“They had a song off Broadway was that basically all the fuck word.” – SarahB on Next to Normal

Whew, that was too much acting for me.” -Roxie, on Next to Normal’s Tony performance

“There’s a gay smackdown coming.” – Kari, on Steve and RivB’s differing POVs of Legally Blonde

“Harriet Walter broke our table!” – The Gathered Ensemble, but specifically Sarah & Kari

“I see this role wasn’t a stretch for Ripley.” – Me, on Alice Ripley geting all JFK on us

“Chandra Wilson? I thought it was Aretha without a hat.” – Christine

“What happened to the guy originated this part?” – Me, on Jersey Boys and John Lloyd Young
“He became a mute.” – Sarah

“Those boys are underage, Elton… don’t try it!” – Sarah, while Billy Elliot collected Best Musical