Is it two years already?

Well, would you believe it? Today marks the second anniversary of the blog. I could have sworn it was some time next week, but lo and behold here we are! It was two years ago that SarahB and Noah successfully convinced me that I needed to start blogging. Given my track record with such personal projects, I never realized that I had the focus to maintain a site regarding my thoughts and interests for this long. This past year I’ve seen the site grow in ways I could never have expected or imagined; meeting all sorts of wonderful new people from other blogs and around the internet. I’ve seen more theatre in the last year than any other time of my life. I’ve gotten accustomed to such technological hijinks as the flipcam and skype. There have been some incredibly surreal moments as my blog has introduced me to many professionals within the industry. I am most grateful to all of you who actually care what I have to say, and I always appreciate your comments, emails and tweets. And for those of you I see on a regular basis, I am most appreciative of your friendship and the good times we’ve had as well as those that are to come. Here’s looking toward an even better year three!