‘How the Stritch Stole Christmas"

Courtesy of Langley Studios:

“Every one down on Broadway liked Christmas a lot.

But the Stritch who lived just north of Broadway, on Mount Carlyle, did not!

This Bats Langley Studios parody is meant in the spirit of playful caricature of the great Elaine Stritch. Miss Stritch is an inspiration. Merry Christmas, and we hope you enjoy.

Thank you to Nick Clark-Spear for lending his vocals and lyrical talents, Dr. Seuss for creating such a perfect foundation for the parody, and Ms. Stritch, Ms. Chenoweth, Ms. Cook and Mr. Grey for providing the inspiration for this venture.”

It’s a bit mean-spirited, and I don’t agree with their assessment of At Liberty at all, but I couldn’t help but laugh… (sort of like the cut Family Guy bit). Speaking of Stritch and Christmas, the promos for 30 Rock don’t seem to have our annual appearance from the sardonic legend. Anyone know if she’s going to be on this season?