Our Heroines

This week I saw God of Carnage starring Janet McTeer and have started reading Dorothy L. SayersStrong Poison, a mystery which introduced the literary world to Harriet Vane (most famously played by Harriet Walter on the BBC). So what better way to spend a Friday evening than recalling the two ladies in their acclaimed run of Mary Stuart from last season? (And PBS, where was Great Performances when we needed you to air this gem?)

First up are some of the favorite scenes:

And here are the ladies being interviewed during a Vanity Fair photo shoot:

After seeing both this production and the import of Hamlet last year, I will gladly see anything the Donmar Warehouse wants to bring to NY.

One thought on “Our Heroines”

  1. Yes, Great Performances, WHERE WERE YOU????

    I haven't revisted Mary Stuart since it closed. Such intensity!

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