That there are people willing to risk their shirts on original ideas such as Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson or The Scottsboro Boys. Regardless of how one feels about shows like these (I’ve not seen Bloody, I love Scottsboro), it’s nice to see someone bucking the trend when it comes to the generalization that Broadway is just a theme park. I know that the shows started off-Broadway, but that there is enough interest in either one to push it to the Great White Way speaks volumes for artistic integrity and taking a risk regardless of what it may cost.

For the original cast album. Of anything, even if it’s lousy. By extension, I am also grateful for Masterworks Broadway and Kritzerland, who have taken it upon themselves to reissue a lot of previously unavailable show albums bringing show music to a whole new generation.

For my web designer, Chris Van Patten, who not only gave my blog an extraordinary makeover, but also keeps my sanity when it comes to every technological issue I have. And I mean every single one.

For Bernadette Peters. It goes without saying how lovely she is, but after seeing her superlative turn in A Little Night Music she just took my breath away. There are some theatre artists who remain consistently brilliant. It was a pleasure seeing Peters tackle a role that she was born to play.

That I live near Manhattan. I’m quite fortunate to be in the location I am in and cannot imagine my life without New York City.

For every opportunity I have to see live theatre in any way, shape or form. Whether I’m paying or an invited guest, I’m always grateful to see something. Even if it’s horrible, it’s a learning experience. There’s always room for growth and each show allows me the opportunity to do just that.

For my blogger friends. I always say it and I’ll say it again – they’re an awesome group of people and my sphere has grown considerably this year. The conversation is stimulating, amusing and always engaging. This year it includes many folks I have met through Twitter and seems to grow day by day. The daily discourse is something I’m always looking forward to.

For 2010 and 2011. Being Alive, kids. Being Alive.

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