At Large Elsewhere: The “Leap of Faith” Unofficial Street Team Edition

April has been an incredibly busy month for me, but Patty and Emily asked if I would help them out with another video for their website and I dropped everything for the opportunity to work with them again. (I was a tourist on their Newsies walking tour about a month or so ago). This is the latest entry in their new series “Unofficial Street Team,” in which the girls become ebullient if somewhat overzealous champions for their favorite shows. In this latest entry, I play high-strung Jujamcyn executive Jacob Cohen who needs to correct some misinformation the girls are giving out about Leap of Faith.


One thought on “At Large Elsewhere: The “Leap of Faith” Unofficial Street Team Edition”

  1. Too bad this wasn’t prophetic about Raul winning a Tony, but there should be one for Best Ass. And I would have liked the show better had I been allowed to bring my own tambourine. 🙁

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