Elaine’s Showbiz Number

According to Playbill, Elaine Stritch will be headlining the Paper Mill Playhouse production of The Full Monty this spring. She will be taking on the role of acerbic rehearsal pianist Jeanette Burmeister, originated by the late, great Kathleen Freeman in the original Broadway production. The show runs at the Playhouse in Milburn, NJ from June 10-July 12.

Florida Educator Terminated for Appearing in "The Full Monty"

Emil Steiner in the Washington Post blogs.

Is an educator responsible for the content of extra-curricular activities, (or pertaining to this incident: when appearing in a community theatre production of The Full Monty)?

Given the nature of the show, the nature of the production and the nature of the situation, I think that the school is overreacting. It’s not as if the students were forced to participate in the event; it just doesn’t seem fair. I hope someone finds this man a job – and soon.