Kelli O’Hara loses her golden locks for "South Pacific"

I normally don’t recommend ever going to because of the terrible photos that they take (not to mention the worst captions ever), their tacky man on the street critiques in lieu of, well, actual criticism and most unforgivable, the lack of Ken Mandelbaum whose column was a mainstay and, toward the end, the only reason to venture onto the site. Horrible. However they had a video crew follow Kelli to the salon for her necessary haircut for the upcoming revival of South Pacific.

Even with short hair, she’s no less than absolutely glamorous.

Sunday is officially here and Gypsy is coming next week. But I’m equally excited for this first-ever Broadway revival of a classic Rodgers and Hammerstein. And since its being done by LCT at the Beaumont (with much of the Piazza team in place) we’re sure to have a glorious evening of beautiful scenography and performance. This is definitely a year for musical revivals, not originals.