Quote of the Day, Emmy Edition

It’s a fact that awards aren’t necessarily the best indicator of quality. That doesn’t make it any less shocking that Angela Lansbury has been nominated 18 times but never won an Emmy

After seven decades in showbiz, she’s a living legend, with four Tonys, six Golden Globes and three Oscar nods. But the role she’s most known for — mystery novelist-cum-amateur-sleuth Jessica Fletcher on ‘Murder, She Wrote’ — earned her 12 Emmy noms (no wins), for a career total of 18 … and she never complained like Susan Lucci.

– AOL’s profile of this weekend’s Emmy awards

It really is a travesty that the highest award in television has never been bestowed on Lansbury, but looking at the other actors in this list, she enjoys the esteemed company of Gracie Allen, George Burns, Sherman Hemsley, Michael Landon (who was never Emmy-nominated once over the course of three series, 652 episodes of television!), Bob Newhart, Jane Kaczmarek, Jason Alexander, Buddy Ebsen, Desi Arnaz, Andy Griffith and Jackie Gleason.

Well, there’s always a place on Broadway for Angie. So come back to us as Madame Arcati in the spring revival of Blithe Spirit and clear your mantle for a fifth Tony!!