Casting Susan Blackwell

I’m gunning for [title of show] to get a little bit of Tony love on Tuesday. It was the first new musical to open this season and as you are well aware, I found myself enjoying it immensely. (Much to the surprise of my constituents). Here’s hoping that all four stars receive the Tony recognition they deserve.

In [title of show], Susan Blackwell (who this very moment is doing a “Die Vampire Die” workshop at The Brookfield Theatre for the Arts with our friend Alicia) presented an idiosyncratically madcap based on herself; one who loved to perform and sing, but was also told she doesn’t “sing good enough to be in a musical.” Contrary to that assessment, I found Blackwell to be a perfect musical theatre comedienne. She possesses a good character voice with succinct comic sensibilities rounded out by a vulnerability revealed during the showstopping “Die, Vampire, Die, ” one of the many audience favorites in the little musical that could.

Tall and lithe, Blackwell strikes an imposing classical figure onstage, I could easily see her taking on one of the Greek tragediennes or a drawing room comedy. Blackwell’s audience appeal lies in her fearless ability to be herself and I haven’t seen her onstage since the closing performance of [tos] back in October. That is far too long for my liking so I decided that I would take it upon myself to present the casting directors of the Broadway and the regionals with a brief list of ideas for future reference…

Auntie Mame/Mame: Vera Charles
Into the Woods: The Baker’s Wife or Witch
Damn Yankees: Gloria
Miss Hannigan
Do Re Mi:
Kay Cramm
Bells Are Ringing:
Ella Peterson
Sail Away:
Mimi Paragon
The Mystery of Edwin Drood:
Princess Puffer
She Loves Me:
The Man Who Came to Dinner:
Maggie Cutler, Lorraine Sheldon or Nurse Preen
A Little Night Music:
Flora, the Red Menace:
The Sound of Music:
Grey Gardens:
Little Edie
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever:
On the Town:
Hildy or Madame Dilly
I am the Camera/Cabaret:
Sally Bowles
My Sister Eileen/Wonderful Town: Ruth Sherwood
(when she’s older) Phyllis
Linda Seton
The Philadelphia Story: Tracy Lord
Falsettos: Trina
City of Angels: Donna/Oolie
The Boys from Syracuse:

Well, dear readers, what roles would you like to see Ms. Blackwell take on?