The First Couple Goes Broadway

My friend Tom happened to be at Joe Turner’s Come and Gone last evening where coincidentally the President and First Lady were in attendance. Here’s what he said to me about the experience:

“So I kinda watched a Broadway show with Barack and Michele Obama tonight. Surreal? Yeah, a bit. I don’t quite know what to make of the fanaticism he draws, but I have to say I loved every darn minute of the spectacle it turned out to be (including being shoved aside by an NYPD officer while trying to get remotely close to the theatre!!)! And Joe Turner’s Come and Gone was a great show too! :)”

I responded. “I’m curious how their presence impacted the performance onstage… was it a distraction with them being there?”

Tom replied, “It was REALLY hard to focus on the show at first – it took me a good 20 minutes, at least, to have the faintest idea what was happening on stage. And then after intermission, the curtain was up already when they got back to their seats and people were flashing photos for a good 5 minutes, totally ignoring the actors….and the show started an hour late. haha. So, yes, it definitely impacted it but I do think they gave a great show and I ultimately was moved by it!”