A Blog of a Thousand Days

Well, another milestone. Theatre Aficionado at Large has been active for exactly 1,000 days today. There are so many interesting things going on this summer, most notably my nephew Jack’s first visit to the United States. My brothers, sister-in-law and nephew have flown in for four weeks so July should prove a bit chaotic. (Lessons learned: babies are enjoyable but exhausting!) But there is also the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, some cast albums to review (including both the revival and reissue editions of Promises, Promises) and perhaps another July shocker like last year’s Tony Awards dropping press voters debacle (we all know what a bum decision that turned out to be…)

I’m still adjusting to the new settings and surroundings with WordPress (I’ve mastered embedding, so huzzah for videos). (And a big shout-out to my web designer and all around IT support, my friend Chris Van Patten). I’m so glad I’m able to share my interests with my good friends in the blogosphere, and am looking forward to what the new season will bring (Driving Miss Daisy, Scottsboro Boys and War Horse!!) There’s nowhere to go but up!